The fires are over and green shoots continue to appear! The Veranda and most of Fort Davis were unaffected by the fire.. Make your reservations now to come see the spectacular Fort Davis area, the Davis Mountains and the McDonald observatory, as well as many other historic sites and scenic views this area offers.

Leaving Fort Davis on Highway 17 North, this is my favorite cottonwood bower. The shapely trunks are handsome even in leafless winter. During walks in the area, one can distinguish the different timbres of the wind through various leaf shapes. Cottonwood leaves sound like hundreds of rustling round tympanums, very unlike the baritone wind through the long-needle ponderosa pine.

West of Fort Davis is a large county park with a winding path for joggers. The park looks west toward Blue Mountain, and if you care to walk your dog or take a stroll at the end of the day, you might see
scenes like this.