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Fort Davis is the gateway to the Davis Mountains. It has the highest elevation of any town in Texas. Its mile-high (yes, the same as Denver, Colorado) climate is nearly ideal.

Summer nights are in the high fifties to the low sixties. Summer days are in the mid eighties to the low nineties. The dry climate and gentle breezes make for warm afternoons and pleasantly cool evenings. Winter days are usually sunny, and they typically warm into the low-to-mid sixties. Winter nights drop into the twenties and thirties.

Local Fort Davis Attractions

When you arrive, we can help you with planning your time in the area. Some suggested activities are listed below:

  • Experience our beautifully renovated Agave Houe- Our porch and gardens make for a great place to just hang out and enjoy the view.
  • Historic Fort Davis – The reason that we are all here. No visit is complete without experiencing the Fort Davis National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service) located a few blocks from the inn. The fort was recently named “Best Preserved Fort in the West” by True West magazine.
  • McDonald Observatory – Our number one attraction and one of the most important research observatories in the country. Their visitor center is great and a star party is not to be missed.
  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center – One of my favorite places to hike and see hummingbirds and butterflies. Don’t miss Modesta canyon with its springs and crawfish!
  • Davis Mountains State Park – Visit Indian lodge for lunch and check out the park’s trails for some good hikes and views.
  • Balmorhea State Park – One of the best swimming pools on earth!
  • Davis Mountains Preserve – 100,000 acres of pristine wilderness located in the heart of the Davis Mountains. Open on limited weekends and any time through the Madera Canyon Trail.
  • Texas Mountain Trails Guide – More information on the Davis Mountains and Surrounding Areas.
  • Prude Ranch – Horseback Riding in Fort Davis.
  • Museum of the Big Bend – Excellent Museum of all things Big Bend located in Alpine.
  • Chinati Art Foundation – Amazing contemporary art installation in Marfa.
  • Glider Rides.
  • Chateau Wright Vineyards Winery & Sandwhich Bar
  • Art Galleries in Alpine and Marfa.